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What is a Digital Twin?

Digital twin technology allows for the creation of virtual replicas of physical assets, environments, and processes. By mapping real-world data to the virtual model, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of the performance and status of the physical counterpart.

Why Digital Twins?

Digital twins can help organizations manage their physical assets and document their systems and processes.

Prevent loss of information from worker turnover

Integrate disparate data into a single source of truth

Prevent unnecessary and expensive rework

How Kartorium can Help

Kartorium offers a cutting-edge digital twin platform that empowers organizations to seamlessly integrate and visualize all of their data. Our user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface allows users of all skill levels to easily create intuitive 3D digital twins tailored to their specific needs. With Kartorium, you can gain a deeper understanding of your data and make informed decisions with ease.

Centralized information sharing

Immersive process documentation

Interactive learning

Easy to use, on every level

See it for yourself

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