Easy Digital Twins

See and understand all of your data 

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical "thing", like an environment, asset, or process. The data surrounding the physical thing can be mapped to the virtual model, so anyone looking at the digital twin can see information about how the physical thing is doing out there in the real world.

Why Digital Twins?

Digital twins can help organizations manage their physical assets and document their systems and processes.

Prevents loss of information from worker turnover

Integrates disparate data into a single source of truth

Prevents unnecessary and expensive rework

How Kartorium can Help

Kartorium provides an online drag-and-drop digital-twin platform that helps organizations integrate and visualize all of their data. In Kartorium, anyone can create an understandable 3D digital twin that fits their needs best.

Centralized information sharing

Immersive process documentation

Interactive learning

Easy to use, on every level

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