How Does Kartorium Work? 

Kartorium is a 3D digital twin platform. We allow any user to create and share virtual copies of real-world environments.

Kartorium integrates major cutting-edge technologies into a single platform to give users an immersive and interactive experience in the web browser.


  • Fully-fledged GIS Environment

  • 3D Terrain and tilesets

  • Visualize existing GeoJSON data

Kartorium has a fully-fledged GIS environment built in. This allows users to not only create custom maps with symbols and layers, but import their own pre-existing GeoJSON data allowing Kartorium to automatically populate the map for them. 

3D Models

  • Simple upload process

  • Drag-and-drop to configure

  • Incorporate reality-captured assets

Kartorium allows users to "plug and play" with their own 3D models. Once Kartorium finishes processing the uploaded model, users can begin to manipulate the model in a 3D environment.

Virtual Walkthroughs

  • Link together 360° images to create an informative tour

  • Tag points of interest with relevant information

  • Full integration of GIS and 3D models

Kartorium allows users to upload captured 360° images, then link and annotate them to create a fully interactive virtual walkthrough.

How Do I Use Kartorium?

Our goal is to make the digital twin process as easy as possible. 



The accuracy of your digital twin visualization is up to you. Kartorium can ingest your previous reality capture initiatives (drone photogrammetry, CAD models, as-builts), or if you have the equipment, you could go capture the most recent version of what things look like.



Once all of your digital assets are in Kartorium, you can start configuring them into an understandable form. Drag-and-drop them into place, then tag them with additional information, including text, images, documents, and videos.



Once your projects are configured, they can be shared with others. You can allow others in your organization to collaborate or view your projects. Projects can also be shared publicly with a link, allowing anyone to learn about what you're doing.

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