Kartorium is a 100% Alaskan-owned software startup. Kartorium was founded in 2019 and currently operates out of Anchorage, Alaska.

Growing up in Alaska, you become accustomed to its vastness, and the expectations of its logistical challenges become second nature.

And they come at no surprise; Alaska is the largest state in the United States of America, spanning a massive 665,400 mi². But it only is home to around 730,000 Alaskans, making it the state with the smallest density population. Because of the sparse nature of Alaska's population centers, infrastructure is widely disparate; sometimes only accessible by boat or plane.

In 2019, Jay (our CEO) started experiencing these logistical challenges professionally. In his years working with Alaskan heavy industries as a programmer and software consultant, it became clear that there was more that could be done to address glaring inefficiencies involving remote site management, workforce turnover, and data management strategies. Out of this realization, Kartorium was born.

At Kartorium, we're constantly thinking about how we can help Alaskan companies, because we know if we can solve problems here in The Last Frontier, then we can solve them anywhere.

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